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Book 3 Flight of the EsCargo Will be Released July 13th. The EBook is Available Now for Pre-Sale!

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Last Month Scramble!

Wow! My new book has been late twice now as I continue editing. Every time I read through I find more mistakes, Oy! The editing process can be tedious, but it's very necessary. I'm reading it aloud to one of…

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Book two is now 'The Stowaways' and It's Out!

All the final editing is finished. The cover is done. The inside of the book is formatted (Chapter numbers and titles added, paragraph indents set, Fonts chosen, scene breaks divided with a decorative line etc.). There's much work to be…

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Book 2 Manuscript Finished

The manuscript for book two, ‘Flight of the EsCargo’ is finished!

I’m now working hard editing it. I decided to do the book in two parts, rather than have it as long as book one ‘The Dreamers’ (400+ pages!) and…

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