Last Month Scramble!

Wow! My new book has been late twice now as I continue editing. Every time I read through I find more mistakes, Oy! The editing process can be tedious, but it's very necessary. I'm reading it aloud to one of my daughters to help me with the process. My husband always gets the first read-through, so for him its start and stop to edit, then start reading again. Poor guy, he gets the rough version!

Been working on the cover with a graphic artist. It's been rough working with someone I don't know, and the idea I really wanted was too complicated for him, so I had to go with plan B which I'm not as happy with, but it's looking good. I'll blog and show you the cover when it's finished. My subscribers are getting the whole process with the first rendition through the last one. If you're interested in subscribing (five dollars and up) you'll get all kinds of perks! Go to this

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