Flight of the EsCargo Release Date, July 13th!


The count-down has begun, as Adrielle and I go through the proof copies ‘one more time!’ with a fine-tooth comb, weeding out any errors I missed in past edits. This book finishes the story of the Stowaways, carrying them through their years and changes on the EsCargo. 

The next book ‘The Migration’, will bring in some of our favorite folks from ‘The Dreamers’, as they meet and befriend some of our stowaways. Before I start on that, I’m working on a devotional, and a course on how to edit your book. I’ve learned so much through the necessity of editing my own work. It’s difficult to do well.

I’ve learned some basics that every editor uses, what they (and so you) need to look for in your manuscript. Editing can be very costly. The average price for a copy editor is .04 to .09 a word, or if they charge by the page, 5.00 to 15.00 a page. Plus, there are several types of editing every book needs. Developmental editing for your story’s structure and flow, copy editing for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure (this is sometimes also called line editing), and then proofreading to catch anything the other editors missed, and they each have to be paid.

It's a big pill to swallow when you’re trying to do it all yourself! I want to help others, and in doing so, add some much needed cash flow to help fill an income gap we’re experiencing. I hope to start on The Migration by late fall, or winter.

If you, or someone you know might be interested in an editing course, contact me at shimrithanes@gmail.com.

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