Book Three Release, When Life Gets in the Way

Shalom, shalom!

Life is good! More than good, great! But sometimes even great things can impede us from reaching our goals in a timely manner. I just spent a wonderful two weeks with my eldest daughter's family. This encompassed my grandson's Bar Mitzvah, and the feast of Purim. Needless to say, a great time was had by all!

I've had three deadlines for the release of this book. The first was last October, but the book wasn't ready. 



In November we had family come for Thanksgiving and stay two weeks, and I didn't want to make the mistake I made with book two and release it too soon. I knew it needed more editing, and I didn't have good enough cover art yet, my graphic artist was in a bad accident, so I decided surely those things would come together by the end of January? Well I did get my preliminary edit done on the whole book.

In December, I did another read-through and more editing, but had trouble getting Beta Readers, everyone was too busy with the holidays. I went to California to take care of mom for my sister so she could get away. The artist working on my cover was recovering from his accident, and just getting started. At this point I finished my second final edit (I'll often have three or four of those!).

January and February zoomed by, what happened to those months? I don't even remember! Day by day I inch closer! I'm in my final, final edit now, doing three chapters a day. It can take anywhere from three to five hours to read, edit, then have my computer read it aloud to me (this works great to catch things your brain corrects as you're reading and you don't see!)

I'm halfway through this last edit now, and hoping the cover art is completed when my editing is finished. Now I'm looking toward mid to end of April. Here's hoping!


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