Book III is Almost Finished, Book Cover in Progress

Shalom Y'all from warm sunny Florida! 

I’m on the finishing stretch of book III of my series, Flight of the EsCargo. I’m excited to get the finish product published and into your hands. I’ve been working on the cover alongside editing and filling out the book, and am happy with my progress. 

This book follows the Stowaways from book II and their struggles to fit in with this ship full of  God Fearers. You saw in book two that a couple of them, through Serena’s influence are already fairly certain that there must be a God, considering the way things developed in their struggle to even get on board the ship. 

As the story unfolds some struggle more than others, but none are more confused than Craig. He believes that A-I programs can evolve through machine learning and eventually become sentient. He thinks the ships A-I is close and as a computer science student and hacker, decides to help her along. You can imagine the chaos that ensues! 

Be blessed and enjoy your Thanksgiving!  ~Shimrit

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