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Book 3 Flight of the EsCargo Will be Released July 13th. The EBook is Available Now for Pre-Sale!

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Helping Family

I've been absent from the internet for several months, and though I've been home two weeks, I'm only now feeling ready to dig in and get stuff done!

First hurricane Idalia hit us hard. We had to shelter at our…

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Book III is Almost Finished, Book Cover in Progress

Shalom Y'all from warm sunny Florida! 

I’m on the finishing stretch of book III of my series, Flight of the EsCargo. I’m excited to get the finish product published and into your hands. I’ve been working on the cover alongside…

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I Survived Covid

Well, it had to happen sometime. We all got covid. Not my idea of fun at all, however we survived and got over it fairly quickly by doing all the things the best doctors tell us all to do (the…

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