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Book 3 Flight of the EsCargo Will be Released July 13th. The EBook is Available Now for Pre-Sale!


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Sneak peeks of my new book, and music too!

Here's an opportunity to see more of the inner workings of my writing, research, and also my music! Yes, my first job was as a singer/songwriter, and I play harp and flutes. Now writing is taking more and more of my time. I love to share my process, new projects, and side hobbies, even recipes. So join me on my very own subscription site.

I'm a musician who has found a new love, writing books.

After traveling for years playing in Churches, Messianic Jewish congregations, hospitals, prisons, and many other countries. I began to have more and more trouble getting back on my feet after traveling and concerts. 

Finally we had to stop and I felt lost as that had been my life for twenty years. I got a story idea when I was reading "No Plot, No Problem" by Chris Batey. So I dove in. My goal? To complete a 70,000 word manuscript in a month.

I kept waiting for the slumps so many who've tried this shared about, but it never happened. I loved every moment of it from beginning to end! 

 What is my first book about? Here's the description from Amazon.

      Wrenched awake by a nightmare, Antonia’s world collapses around her. Only twenty and newlywed, the devastation leaves her heart as bleak a prospect as the city where she’s built her life. The loss of her family, and her husband Pedro’s head injury, leave her isolated in an increasingly hostile world. Camping on the street with refugees and tormented by thoughts of what her family must have endured as they perished, another dream sweeps her away to a beautiful new world. 

     In Nevada, Brian has isolated himself in the desert, and is soloing on a project that should be done with a team of six. Haunted by a beautiful dream, he searches the web at night and discovers he's not the only one. 

     Nearby on Twin Peaks, Charlie Teng tries to hold his family together in the face of three tragedies, little realizing this last one will cause his path to cross a dreamer's, changing their lives forever.

Book two: The Stowaways is available on Amazon and book three, Flight of the EsCargo, will be released on July 13th.


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